IAM Leadership Team


Mark Hanna
Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Accounts

Mark is responsible for the business sales development and increasing communication to strategic accounts. He is passionate team leader and client advocate. His mission is to solve business problems by leveraging technology.

For more than 10 years, Mark has helped companies leverage technology to streamline complex business processes. As an expert in Identity and Access Management, his experience covers all aspects of provisioning and de-provisioning users, determining who has rights to files, assets and critical data, single sign-on technology, governance and compliance.  Mark’s expertise also includes custom software development including mobile apps.

Mark provides technology solutions for education customers, commercial companies, government entities, and healthcare organizations. As an experienced consultant, Mark’s goal is for clients, vendors and employees is to have the best experience they’ve ever had with a consulting organization.

Mark learned, by experience, to listen first, understand the challenge, and then create the right solution for a client’s needs.  With so many software/hardware solutions available, it’s important to fit the client’s environment rather than ask clients to change in order to fit a specific solution.

Jason Adams
Vice President of Identity | Security Sales & Services

Jason oversees all the projects for both the Integration and Custom Development teams from a technical and logistical perspective, managing a staff of 11 engineers and project managers. He has been an integral part of selecting technologies that meet the needs of the project while keeping an eye on the future for advancements in technology. He also writes documentation for projects ranging from Statement of Work to Technical Design Document. He’s been with EST Group for more than three years.

Prior to EST, Jason was a senior software developer with Valid Systems where they build check cashing software for stores across the US. He was a software developer at SkillsNET, a firm that built resource optimization and management software, and CommSouth, a company that built software for resell phone companies. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, with a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems.

He likes the fast pace and changing landscape of his work at EST and enjoys the team and the company culture. He thrives on building relationships with the clients and helping them achieve their goals.

He’s been married for 13 years with two children. “We are a sports orientated family and enjoy doing family stuff together. I currently coach several of their teams: basketball, baseball, football and more.”

Reginald Owens
Chief Strategist, IT | Information Security

Reginald is the principal consultant and lead Identity & Security architect for the Integration Services group. In addition, he also manages the corporate Internal Services & Administration group. He enjoys helping define the IAM practice as well as helping to align it to market trends. He enjoys the challenge of managing people while also building a practice, providing lead administration, and providing lead architecture. He’s been with EST Group for nine years.

Reginald, a self-described Technologist, is an alumnus of Abilene Christian University, located in Abilene, TX, with a BS in Electronic Media where he also worked for a number of years. He has served in many different environments including government, financial, commercial, and education. As an integration specialist, Reginald has successfully created custom solutions that reduce overall operating costs while, at the same time, increasing efficiency and customer relations. Reginald has provided valuable solutions to organizations of all sizes. While working with these organizations, Reginald leveraged various technology platforms to achieve the desired functionality that each individual organization required.