The Perfect Cup in a Sea of Choices

My past entries for our coffee-themed blog stated that I don’t drink coffee, never have, and don’t understand all the fuss.  The coffee shop atmosphere and thousands of choices did not appeal to me.  However, as a start to this new year, I made a commitment to give up sodas, primarily to cut down on sugar.  I didn’t consider that I was cutting out caffeine as well.  Due to my dependence on caffeine, my aversion to coffee shops changed.

I quickly realized that I needed caffeine, and one of the best places to find it was the nearest Starbucks.  I immediately found myself in a place with thousands of choices—all of them would accomplish the immediate goal of getting me caffeine and getting rid of my headache.  I had a decision to make. Which one of the thousands of options would be the best to solve my immediate problem?  Did I want a hot drink, a cold one, healthy, or not, small, medium, large, and the choices go on and on?

Then I found someone to help me with my decision.  The barista behind the counter was more than happy to provide guidance to solve my problem.  It was the start to an “ordering relationship” that I value and use every time. My problem may be the same, but the choice of solutions is always changing.  I have that person at my local Starbucks that will help me with these decisions to meet my changing needs.

The same can be said for a consulting organization.  Identifying the best consulting organization is not about the products they bring to the table or the out-of-the-box solutions they offer as problem solvers; it is about finding an organization that will listen to your problems and then help customize a solution to solve your problem.  A consulting organization that will listen and then help you sift through the thousands of choices to find the best solution for you is going to become the best relationship for your organization. Of course, that’s what we do at the EST Group, which is why I enjoy my work here.

Those are my thoughts; now I am off to meet with my new best friend to find out what solution we can come up with today to alleviate my caffeine headache.

Jason Adams

Jason is the Director of Integration Services, he has been with EST Group for the past 5 years. While not a true fan of coffee,his passion is helping EST Group customers any way he can.